Welcome to Security Guard License Online. This is an Official Texas Private Security Guard Licensing Website.

This is the Texas Private Security Guard Level II Certification Course. 

Completion of this course along with registration to the Texas Department of Public Safety RSD as a Security Guard will allow you to work as a Non-Commissioned Un-Armed Security Guard in the State of Texas.


Coming Soon: Level III Certification Online.

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Step 1

Begin the Course

Level II Non-Commissioned Officer Certificate - $59.00 plus a 3.00 handling fee. Once registration is completed, your Credit Card will be billed by Eastex Tactical Firearms.

Step 2


Once all modules are complete, you may go back and review each chapter prior to taking the exam.

Step 3

Take and Pass the Exam

After you completed the course, you can take the exam. The exam is a 50 question exam focusing on the material you studied. You are required to pass the exam with a minimum of 75%.

Important Information

Securityguardlicenseonline.com site is not a government agency nor are we affiliated with any government agency or entity. Securityguardlicenseonline.com is a training resource for consumers who want to educate themselves as a professional security guard and achieve their  PRIVATE SECURITY GUARD LICENSE. We are not affiliated or associated in any way with the State of Texas nor do we guarantee or infer in any way that you will qualify for a Private Security Guard License. The certification you receive from Securityguardlicenseonline.com is not a license or permit to carry a handgun or act as a Peace Officer. To secure this license, it is your sole responsibility to apply to the State of Texas and submit any and all paperwork required along with any fees. It is your responsibility to research and understand your local laws as it relates to Private Security Guard License. If you are interested in applying for this class, you should verify that your criminal background is free of convictions that are felonies, convictions that are Class A and Class B Misdemeanors in the last five years. Securityguardlicenseonline.com is an aprroved Online Provider for the TEXAS PRIVATE SECURITY GUARD LICENSE with the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Public Safety RSD. Texas License F03016601